Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Skincare, Aroma Oil and My cousins

For 16 years I work day and night to ensure quality skincare, haircare and aroma oil. Omhealth is more or less there le...

Now I can spend more time to do things I want to do. U all must continue support me hor. I really no time market my products but all are good. www.omhealth.com

I was invited twice to do red carpet walk this Saturday with Stars... But I don't think I can make it because have volunteer work and also I don't know what to wear. I love sharing but I am shy for carpet walk and also got critics what u wear. I don't want to be 这样累。

Frankly speaking all my friends scolded me say is a good exposure....Say I don't go dinner with media, didn't attend functions... I act " Proud"....Haiz no no no... I really not used to it. And u know my business I have so many things to do:>

I am firm. What is exposure.... Exposure ? Hmmm to me, I think I do things that align with my passion. Every time I am on TV and radio... u can see I prepare a lot of materials... but after that I don't mix around with media... Because I really shy.... I hope media understand hehehe.

Anyway today is another fruitful day for me.

Best Sale of the month

1) Scrub
2) Pearl Clay Mask
3) Lavender water organic
4) Blue roman chamomile facial oil.


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