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Skincare : Simple , works and Best

Past 10 years : Facts about skincare written by Bryan on Magazine / Blog

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A) Cleansing: washing less can even be better for you. Cleansing (especially with a harsh product) strips your face of its natural, hydrating oils, drying skin out and also leaving it dry. 
To me a good cleanser must be able to cleanse yet with anti age properties and Vitamin C

Fame: Astiquer Cleanser daily but sometimes can use Raffael Tea Tree Cleanser
B) We think of dead skin cells as the enemy, but they do serve a purpose. What does the skin you don't slough off do? It shields your complexion from environmental pollutants and bacteria. Rather than scrubbing daily, you should only exfoliate once/twice every  week..
Quality of scrub is very important. I disagree daily scrub and over use of some "Special" water where skin is over removal of layers

Fame : Antiage Flora Scrub (Vanilla)

C) Even the oiliest skin needs moisture, says Bryan. Skipping oil can lead to skin that's chronically dry, which is when skin starts to produce more oil. So twice a week roman chamomile or neroli, Immortella or Rose 4R facial oil is useful.

Fame: Neroli,Immortella facial oil, 4R Rose oil, blue royal chamomile oil (a must for overseas)

D) Some eye creams are basically the same products anyway in different packaging." So there's really no need to spend too much. Example $150 to $280 .
HA eye serum was famous on TV and also u can use eye gel day time and eye cream evening.

Fame: HA eye serum and Eye cream Ginseng and Dragonblood eye gel

E) Acne: a combination of tea and herbs is good. Refer to the tea for acne remedies beside label.
Tea tree oil, cotton bud dab acne twice a day for 3 days.Used sparingly, can be a great way to fight zits. But if you apply too much, your skin can end up as red and flaky . SO dap abit not more than 3 days follow by Double blue flower Aloe Gel. Some find Lavendula vera also very good.

Fame: Lavender water organic,  tea tree oil and aloe blue gel, Lavendula vera oil.

F) If you make sunscreen a part of your daily routine, you'll be protected from more wrinkles, brown spots Age spots aren't caused by getting older. Instead, you can blame them (and nearly every other form of unwanted pigmentation) on what's become the 21st century's public enemy number one — the sun. "Sunshine is an attack on the skin, and one way the skin defends itself is to make pigment

Fame: SPF25 sunscreen PA+++, at night magwhite serum.
Before Sunscreen u can use my Day Hydrator Algae.

G)How to Conceal Sagging Skin
As we age, we may begin to notice a big change taking place under the chin. .You may develop a turkey wattle or you might notice the unwelcome addition of an extra chin. Either way, you might want to conceal what's going on under the neck..
Dragonblood Booster gel is good and also facial kwa sa Gently twice a week with marine collagen works wonder.

FAME: Moisturiser ( Synergy cream, perfectionist or marine collagen), kwa sa plates or Dragonblood Gel

H) Facial Water
Famous Lavender Organic water....
or Rose Otto Hydrosol.

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