Monday, October 21, 2013

Bryan Relaxation Blend Story and PAF Lime INspirations:>

You know aromatherapy is not about spa , is not about business. Is about healing of emotions affective physcial. In Singapore we need to educate people on oil feeling and properties and good grade.

Newbies" Bryan is ur oil good or from where"

Bryan" Good, from heart of healing"

Oil good or not u must use and u will know. I can be in market for 16 years le I believe in quality and responsibilities. If I am very commercial, I can have A to Z oil. But many notice I only have not many oil even for 16 years. Because each oil, each country of origin and FRESHNESS is important.

Ladies and Gentleman: People dont talk about organic anymore... it has become a commercialise word..
For me as long as the oil is free from pesticide, GMO free and insecticide and is fresh... is far better than organic.

Bryan Relaxation Blend was created for all people who

12ml : $45
1) Monday morning feeling : 
[ Whenever I wake up, I just cant seem to get myself going .]

 Very tired unenthusaistic, feel weariness at the thought of what lies ahead.

Useful when use with a small pail of warm water  and good morning towel with 5 drops BRB and scrub body.

PAF Lime was created for all people who

12ml $35
2) Impatience:[ For goodness sake! Why cant this person in front of me get a move on]

This people find difficult to be patient with people or situations that are slow and will fidget and feel irritated and on edge. The finish people's sentence for them.

Just a drop to 2 in tissue inhale or wipe table:>

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