Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eye Cream and Eye Serum

Bryan Lao Shi Skin Pump in 3 days

Hydrate, Moist , Trap Moist and activate collagen.

This 3 days: Drink Honey morning and evening warm (FULL CUP).
This 3 days: Take Vitamin C Pills at 2pm: (Redoxon C with Zinc)
This 3 days: Do deep breathing exercise 2 mins morning and night:>
This 3 days: Shower no warm water, all normal temperature water.

I notice many of you have dry dehydrated skin around the eyes area. And actually if u can give them attention for 3 days. U can see good results.

Many of us busy until skin is dehydrated; When dehydrated u apply cream first is wrong. U must apply serum follow by cream.

Around eyes area apply eye serum 3 times a day.

After 3 days u will thank me:>

Photo: Just follow my steps for three days and without makeup this three days;)


Day ONE: After cleanse face (Astiquer Cleanser) dap organic lavender water cotton compress face, apply your Anti-age serum and dap abit Perfectionist Moisturiser on skin. Than dap HA eye serum around the eyes also laugh line abit on it.

Noon time, HA eye serum around the eyes.

At night: Cleanse face follow by, lavender water compress face 1 min,  Magwhite serum and than Marine Collagen/ Perfectionist cream, Eye serum and eye cream.

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Product use: Astiquer cleanser, HA Eye serum, Antiage serum, Magwhite Serum, Eye cream, lavender organic water and also Perfectionist Moisturiser.

Outside one bottle cream $200, Here $350 so many items above:> Hmmm can u consider chemical free for one time:>

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