Friday, October 4, 2013

Bryan's Hair Serum


Ever since I introduce this Hair Serum with Argan Extract many brand start to produce but too oily le and also many chemicals. Bryan's hair serum ...Natural non sticky shine of the times!

Bryan's Hair Serum gives instant shine and long-lasting rejuvenation. Subtly infused with herbs the ultra-light, never-greasy formula penetrates the hair shaft to seal split ends and deliver intense moisture to each layer of the hair strand. 

Ingredients include: Argan Oil (aids in hair growth and restores elasticity),Your hair instantly looks and feels healthier, silkier and extraordinarily shiny. 

Penetratres each hair strand and free from chemicals

Shampoo and condition your hair, after towel drying put a few drops of the hair serum in your hand, rub your palms together to heat the oil a bit and then spread evenly throughout your hair. Almost seems too simple. It met and exceeded all my expectations on the first try. 

Benefits of Bryan's Hair Serum Instantly absorbed into the hair and provides instant shine. 

  1. Easily hydrates hair so it stops roughness and curliness to give you smoother, softer hair. 
  2. Enters the hair shafts, hair elasticity is improved, breakage is prevented and hair growth is stimulated. Smooths the cuticle leaving hair silky smooth and ending uncontrollable, unmanageable hair. 
  3. Natural antioxidants that make quick work of repairing hair damage at the cellular level so your hair bounces back to health. 
  4. Restore, renew, and repair hair, eliminating split ends and leaving hair frizz free.Protects against damage from chemicals, environmental factors and heat.

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