Friday, October 4, 2013

Kala Skin Procedure (once or twice a week for radiance)

Photo: Face lift of the famous face scrub since 2004
This scrub received many feedbacks and good one.


  • Antiage Scrub 15 seconds (Prior no need cleanser): 
  •  Pearl White Clay Mask 10mins; 
  •  Organic lavender water dap face:
  •   Roman blue chamomile 3 drops massage face 15 seconds.
  • Warm towel compress (good for face and eyes)
  • Final splash ice water on face.

KALA set: : $180  ; Now is $168 (limited 10 sets)
( Scrub, Pearl Clay, Organic Water, Blue Roman Chamomile)

It can immediately supply fresh clay oxide and whitening and nuturious composites with skin, effectively accelerate metabolism, endow skin with vigor, moistening skin and whitening skin, leave skin whitening, smooth and tender; 

It can retain in the surface of skin, remove dull and sallow skin, leave skin restore of tender, whitening and firming skin, with realization of tender and whitening skin.

Kala Functions:1.Moisturize & whiten skin
2.Remove dullness & sallowness
3.Tender & smooth skin

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