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Famous Facial FLora Flora Scrub

Omhealth facial Flora scrub was launched in 2004 at Toa Payoh Safra. That day it was a 5 element exercise class and , i happily bring a scrub to the class and apply to everyone's hand and ask them to scrub and try out. It was amazing.
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And this scrub has been around for 13 years. Can u believe a scrub can be in the market for 13 years.

omhealth facial scrub is very powerful technology is enriched with herbs and vanilla and bio jojoba round beads , it is mild which very effective and thoroughly remove dead skin cells at the same time provides skin with precious nourishments and to moisturise and refine the skin.

U wil definitely feel smoother and finer and fairer.
Once the dead skin is removed  ur skin can absorb the flora water and serum easily.

I am proud to tell all, omhealth so far is one of the only group selling fresh facial flora water.....

Specification of omhealth facial flora scrub

1) Gently exfoliate and reduce formation of black and white heads.
2) Cleanse deep layer of skin for better absorp of ur skin care
3) Balance oil production
4) Revitalise skin texture and makes skin softer and smoother
5) fairer complexion
6) Make up glides easily and looks natura;

( An old article back than)

Lately if you find your skin extremely dehydrated. Is time to take some action.

A) Drink enough water is so important. Sometimes we can be so busy and totally forget to drink enough water. If this carry on for days, ur skin will be so dehydrated the 5th day.

Things to DO!

A) Exfoliate Your Skin (2  times a week)

i) Exfoliate your skin with this Vanilla Flora Facial Scrub. Regular exfoliation achieves a visibly clearer skin and thereby unclogging pores and preventing formation of pimples , white and black heads.
I find that in Singapore we can easily get clogged pores. The office dust and also the sunblock and foundation if never cleanse proper... It can create this problems.

Omhealth Antiage Flora scrub contains herbs that is so gentle and yet power to skin. Many use this scrub and love it immediately. Because the technology of round sphere.

For all, if can using lavender water or rose water with cottom wipe face is good, if no make up in office, if everyday lunch wipe face with rose or lavender water, ur skin will be very nice.
But those with makeup, go home after cleanser face, remember use the rose otto water to wipe face.

Try Vanilla Flora Scrub (It was first launched at Toa Payoh Safra in 2006, and many till today use this scrub) 10 years le almost.

New skin cells are created in the skin’s inner layer (dermis). As they form form, the old, dead skin cells are pushed to the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). These dead cells gradually flake off. But some of them hang on for too long, making your complexion look dull & rough and clogs your pores causing acne & other blemishes. Exfoliating the skin removes these dead cells.

A Powerful Facial Scrub $45
A powerful Organic Lavender water. $45
A Powerful Rose Otto hydrosol. $45
A powerful pearl powder white clay mask $45
A8D DragonBlood Gel $80

Lao Shi Lavender water is famous de, Use as toner or hydrating agent to soothe the skin.

Antiage Flora scrub with Vanilla extract

Vanilla helps in moisturizing and hydrating skin. It can also help in sloughing away dead and damaged skin cells, bringing about a radiant glow to the complexion.
Provides: soothing effect on skin which makes it especially beneficial for use on sun-damaged and inflamed skin.

Imagine a scrub that is packed with loads of natural plant extract and is free from chemicals. Once you use it you will know.
As out skin turned matured, performing scrub is necessary. But using wrong products to scrub face will create more damage than help.

Benefits of this Vanilla extract Facial Scrub

Major Benefits of using Face Scrub:

• They help to remove and Grim the dirt:

The first benefits of using face scrub is it helps to remove the Grim, whether it’s Grim from a hard day’s work or sweat from a long gym session, there are departing to be juncture when your skin needs a yawning clean up steps a face scrub.

• Spot Prevention and Clearer Complexion:

It helps to attain spot prone skin, all of above it removes the oil from the skin.

• Make improve your shave:

The dead skin that clog up your razor, lift tough hairs of beard, as well as it also remove and prevent the nasty ingrown hair.

• Flake Free Skin:

Another important feature and benefit of using herbs fresh scrub is flake free skin, and divulge the black spots and dry or dead skin. Its instant reaction leads to reach for the moisturizer but the answer lie with exfoliation.

• Scrub Complex:

Then here is another important benefit of using face scrub and that is it helps in boosting against aging complexion. Because our skin is actually very good at repairing itself, regenerating around every thirty days. But as we hit the thirty so the regeneration process get slow down, so in such case you should to use face scrub.

For beginners:

Anitage set: $215: Refer to , in the comment u can change to rose water or other moisturiser of same value

A) Cleanser, Lavender water, Antiage Serum, Perfectionist Moisturiser


Scrub alone: $45

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