Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beautiful Year

2nd April

Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi Part one
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is the year of Rooster and wish all to have good health and beauty from within.

Normally this period , the throat virus will be strong due to change of season. 

The first sign of itchy throat means the virus is catching up and u have 3 days to clear it. And once u clear it , it will not develop to flu.

1) Drink this (first time drink 2 packet)
This is a good drink for people with heatiness in beginning time. If u want more effective, after drink quickly apply roller at chest and upper back . And before sleep apply rose balm

(All ur rose balm if more than one year plus and if the scent has changed please change a new bottle)

Rose balm arrival fresh and new!

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2) Than use 2 drops of Ten Spice oil and 2 drops peppermint oil in cotton and fold with a tissue. INhale throughout the da. The effect will last whole day

3) Water parade

4) Make a tea 

桑叶 3gram,枇杷叶 4gram, 南北杏$1

Now boil the almond for 20 mins with 4 cups water. Off fire, add the first two steep for 15mins.

Add some honey.

This is for dry cough and feeling angry and ate too much fried food. If u know that day have fried food party, boil this and drink after party. 

Image result for 桑叶
Image result for 枇杷叶
5)  Cough to recver fast is to sleep and sleep and sleep. More u move around more it will be delayed in recovery. Thats why many have cough but still need to work end up cough delyaed.


Sparkles and Confidence skin that sparkles ur skin

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