Saturday, December 12, 2015

Art of Aromatherapy By Bryan

Cedarwood 的感觉:A oil for sleep and rest
remind u deep within u (need to slow down and be happy).


The thing about being a aromatherapist and crystal therapist or natural therapist or whatever name that they still cant find for me..... probably Bryan Lao Shi. 

The journey is alone. There are times I find that I lack of the platform to express and teach. Probably the best way is to share the methods in blog. Radio? (once a month,) Magazine (once a month)....?

But sometimes I wonder people still read blog. Or many are out with friends now, cooking, with family or outing. Who will now actually read.

I do read, i read everyday. I read from book. I frequent bookshops and CD shops but lately some of the few CD shops I frequent close down. New era. No one buy CDs anymore, but i still. 

In the 90s and early 2000 , people go to CD shop. The coolness, nothingless, slowness and calmness and style of choosing CD is fun. People be with themself. Being and not doing. We are now in the era of Doing Doing Doing and lack of Being.....

Aroma oil is a method to teach u to BE.....  Gosh.... 

May be the fun of browsing a bookstore, the fun of going through CD cover was my favourite pass time. But when I find that the shops now are just a duplicate of commercial functions.

Back in 90s , there are so many aromatherapy and crystal shops in Singapore. Where I frequent. There was once a old aromatherapy shop at Tiong Bahru Plaza and this old man has vast knowledge in essential oil. He is the one that shares with me the power of tea tree oil.

The knowledge of aromatherapy was well shared back than. How I miss those days I can enter an aromatherapy shop , opened by a real aromatherapist and share with me oil knowledge. U can visit any and they stop by discussed and shared. Now.... forget it ba.

Now u have nice aromatherapy shop but all the sales personnel lack of the passion, they just need to get their work done.

Thats my agony, there are so little people sharing art of herbs, aromatherapy.

I miss the time at Anchorpoint there was a lady who owns a Herbs shops, selling all dried english herbs. Her name i think is hui chin or what... i cant remember...The passion of herbs and resigned from an accounting job.

But no one can survive the reality of high rental and commercial products, fast and easy.
People buy commercial tea bags. No one ask for blend of herbs tea. She blend on spot the nicest tea for different health issues. 

But this taken over by TWG tea bags. Something in this expensive country we wont able to experience anymore.

DO u know Anchorpoint , that was the most wonderful herb shop where, more than 50 english raw herbs available and the lady will blend for ur need.

" Where has all the flower gone?" Indeed is how I felt now. All I can do is to educate and share and keep doing it.

DO u know whenever in facebook i see people using oil and reading or just putting the bottle of "lifeforce" oil on table is a way of telling me.... " Bryan I am using aromatherapy"

Aromatherapy is an art: Is a distinctive healing energy that need us to explore understand and feel it. Two person selling same oil but will produce different result. Because the aroma are plant kingdom.

Two person using same lavendula vera will result in different results.

Aromatherapy and ANgels

The fragrances of flowers are particularly effective when connecting with ur soul and angels. When u are lost and confuse. Stop and rest and a drop of oil or the blends of flowers to bring u back to normal .

Today I want to write about Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood is a oil of grounding. It is a oil of integrity. It helps me when my spirit is weaken by too much demands by the worldly concerns, loving too hard, and being unable to forgive. It encourages the strength we need to continue on our pathways and urges us to hold fast to our dreams, helping bring our hopes to reality

Cedarwood is warmth, woody and a drop on palm and put far away from ur nose and slowly let the scent travel to ur nose. 


I hope one day, u can feel the oil you are using. Put near u, when u are reading, working and when weak just use it to strengthen u.

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