Friday, December 18, 2015

Slay the worms

It can be in intestine for years. And more and more people have parasites.
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Eat too much raw food, and unclean food. This are like worms can hook to ur body.

Well instead anyhow take supplements. U can See a good TCM.

For me yearly I will clear my intestine worms by seeing Dr Xu LiLi. One week medicine or 5 days medicine less than $50. Why not . And know body type and clear.

I very scare see some TCM is about $$$$ and ask u buy this buy that. One thing good with Dr Xu, she once and for all. need than come back.

Dear all, I am not spokesman of Dr Xu. If u have any good TCM , u go see them twice a year for medicine good for stomach. Is year end, clear the worms and strengthen stomach ok. See your own TCM also ok.


Because of eating contaminated food and water and also vegetables or never wash hand clean.

There are two kind of parasites make us tired feel sick. Sometimes sickness or tiredness is because of worms and poor stomach digestion.
Tape worm or round worm. They may have in ur gut and attack and grow in body and rob ur body nuitrition. Many times we dont know.

Have some spice and curry weekly. Omhealth spice oil best to inhale and apply stomach sometimes dilute with rice oil

Worms in intestine biting gut and grow in body. And it burn to intestine.

A) Stomach acid helps to kill parasites so make sure u have strong gut health.. Eat some garlic . Or supplement garlic for 2 months (the daily oil type). Drink omhealth Ginger 3 times a week morning

B) Sometimes eat papaya seeds with honey. A teaspoon papaya seeds and crashed it and eat it.

C)Eat some pumpkin seeds must eat day time and bite till than swallow.

See a TCM: 有虫排虫,无虫养胃。 I think this week I will go see DR Xu lili le clear the worm and have a good DONG ZHI.

Omhealth Essential Oil for stomach and I believe can weaken the worms and parasites in body

Purification Blend
Five element oil
Manuka Oil
Ten spice oil.
Tea tree oil and rosemary oil

Some times hor, I put 3 drops this oil with 8 drop rice bran oil massage stomach.

Bryan lao Shi personal Parasite anti blend

20ml rice bran oil : 3 drops purification and 3 drops ten spice oil and 3 drops manuka oil and 3 drops five element oil, Optional 5 drops peppermint.
Daily use this blend masssage stomach. If find too strong add more rice bran oil.

Let us clean parasites in body. Later I also going buy garlic supplements. Please buy the garlic oil that type.

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