Monday, March 7, 2016

A Big Thank You To All

Hi all

today I would like to thank all for attending 5th March health and beauty talk and 6th march suntec talk. Alot of time I always think for people and see how to benefits:>

So when come to personal sms or whatsapp which i receive 100 over a day some ask me dates to go temple all these, sorry i cant answer de. sorry ah. I teach u how to fish, and time u learn to fish.

To celebrate Women's Day: From today till Tuesday:> Tomorrow Travelling, all email will take time reply:>  will have a $15 voucher, at payment key in voucher code 886.

Ok, u cannot buy $100 and than buy another $100,... Dont misuse ok:> If u know all product at best quality de:> Is one voucher per pax address.

Voucher number 886 ,

Rose Mask the marble still have

Best buy is Serum set

Morning Antiage serum
Night Magwhite Serum
Eye series
Cleanser Astiquer cleanser
rose water
lavender water

5th march 2016

after apply 3 oil and cream neck and back, lie down and stretch.

Good health begins with doing repeated exercise five mins a day. Are u doing it?

3 hours of me talking non stop and yet time is not enough. Looking at young and "old" students attending the class with lots of passion really warmth my heart. And I am glad many health improves also many who currently has health issues will find ways taught in class. Many who know me in their 30s and now are 40s or 50s. So I can relate what kind of health problems will start to appear.
Number one is Digestive (can be cure by herbs, breathing and relax exercise), headache, magraine and pain (using 3 oil and stretch, and take green boil vege for 2 weeks), leg pain (wow many who suddenly have heel leg pain, performt he exercise i mention in blog recover),

I must say my eye set works wonder for many, a lady who has serious "wrinkled" around eyes recover alot by use HA eye serum and Dragon 7 blood eye gel or ginseng eye cream.

A big thank you; And I will have a Talk just for u all near October ba " Get Younger with Bryan" Back in 2001  this talk was for continuation for health and beauty talk and is also 300 runs. Stay tune.

6th march 2016
Right after 5th March without much rest i need to prepare the Suntec talk. Well for me, media workshop often frighten me abit because u dont know who will be there beside u all:> But I am so glad to see u all and I did wear Yellow ok but change when go stage.

I still remember back in 2007 my first public appearance was for iweekly at City Square mall. And that time I was given only 15mins to teach and now I am honoured to be given full one hour. And this workshop, tell u the truth I took 3 months of night time to think. Although is only 1 hour, i think daily how to ensure people benefits and people who dont know me and people who know me how to touch their life with healing good energy.... " Thats where my laughter therapy comes in".

I recalled my first media interview was 2001 in FM 938. And yesterday the laughter u all have was awesome.

(DOnt forget 17 April (very heng with Bryan Suntec), Fees $45 , 930am to 1230pm).

I am glad all my students who came to support, u shine and glow . Mediacorp told me " bryan ur students really is very different from the normal aunty". I told them " halo, they are not aunty , they are the stars of health ambassador"

To me, all of u are Lao Shi if u set a role model. I was amazed, u guys , so diligent and all mediacorp was amazed by the order compare to previous their crowd.

yesterday day exercise was amazing as it harness the Suntec Good Energy and all exercise i design below to activating the flow of elements. This luck will stays with u for 2 years. So next time when go Suntec bring the marble given to u (even those who buy rose mask or attend talk marble) u can bring the marble in pocket and walk around fountain. Than go home marble can put back bowl or bag.

17th April suntec luck talk u will receive, a new marble in suntec personal talk by me. YEAH.

I will be away tomorrow for seminar in overseas. And back next week.

All slides, products if i forget please forgive me ok, i send next    week.

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