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Kiap away anger


Leng leng all travel overseas, all orders i will try my best to pack for u personally. Errr uncle slow... So wait ok:> Cannot angry.

Temper , Anger. All of us have that .

We all get frustrated at times, but if you’re prone to bursting into anger and shout like a incredible hulk . It may damage your career, relationship or ur health.
Singapore 4 season is SUmmer , so our fuse of tolerance is short.

Now , do u remember the time what u loose ur cool and shouted or scolded people or reprimand people because u cant get what u want or because of office issues.

During the shouting or scolding u feel wow, everyone needs to give in to you... U feel "great". people listen. But after that, dont u feel ok . Is like a WAR and ur whole body becomes weak and if u think back, is kinda embarrassing?

Next time before u lost your temper, picture yourself how u looks like. It will be a free show for others.

if u notice, alot people now loose temper easily. Now if ur boss or friends keep loosing temper to u. Pity them. Probably they have unhappiness at home or health no good. So if the person pick on u. Feel it takes away all ur major disasters in life and u going soon to have a good life. Let the person scold away all ur bad luck. But dont be there and stupid la, if not ur fault, find ways to handle with wisdom.

Yesterday i was a CK tang fruit store, basement there. A office lady, after buy juice, take another plastic herself without asking (is ok la). The juice lady, scold until things like, (u use the plastic to stuff ur backside (in a rude hokkien way,,and niam non stop). gosh this is the last time i will buy fruits here ahahah.

1) Perform 478 breathing exercise.
2) use the rubber side of pencil or massage stick, rub some love miracle blend on the legs and press this Release anger point

3) Rub Rose Balm ur chest and and neck.

Now is easy to say la, but when u are very tired and people still come and "KIAP" you. Thats what will happen (u forget and loose control).

"KIAP" Method to release toxin in body. Bryan Lao Shi Kiap to health methods.

If people in office or house kiap until u cant take it. Smart way is to kiap urself release the toxin and than smile to that person . Smile is best weapons and really, in life, u are not there yet if u get angry easily. U re there if u get angry for 5mins and than use remedies to release the toxin and be urself again.

But once a year definitely will have things u get so angry and takes longer to recover than u can use above methods.

COPYRIGHT (Bryan Lao Shi," Kiap away Xiao Qi Xiao Ren" method.

My KIAP and ur KIAP is different. So not too pain one and i leave it for 10seconds.

Dont Kiap until u injured urself (exaggerate la, but nowsaday funny people this complaint that complaint, so let me disclaim here: U believe not believe i dont really kiap care, is free information sharing here for benefits of people, dont follow or read if u are skeptical)

The kiap i use not very tight so wont injured fingers.


A) Say: I choose to release negative emotion in my body organs. x 7 times
B) Deep breathing.
C) Spray Tranquility spray above ur head.
D) Kiap urself

Kiap to use is 2 blue 1 Yellow

Blue Kiap thumb, web of index and thumb.
yellow Kiap downwards middle finger.

Tranquility Spray Mist is a healing mist that reduce anger in urself and surrounding. This period spray around uroffice at work.

Founder of Kiap Kaip

Bryan Lao Shi.


Rose mask arrival
Marine collagen face cream
Serum Day antiage
Magwhite Night whitening serum
Rose water
lavender water

Fresh and good

If u finish ur range of skin care. Time to give omhealth a chance.
Kick off with the rose ottoe water or lavender water and serums.

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