Monday, April 18, 2016

Clary Sage Oil Day


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Emergency PMS pain
rose geranium a drop and clary sage a drop on wrist inhale.

i am very thankful to many of you. SOmetimes my essential oil launch for some time and I didnt describe much. So today decided to describe more today

Clary Sage is produced by the steam distillation of tops and leaves.

Keywords: Tonics and relaxing

This is a oil that is useful in reducing blood pressure and counteract palpitations.

Woman Oil:

Tonic for womb
Balance hormones and reducing PMS
Release pain of menstrual cramps
Beneficial for menopause

Man's Oil 

Ultimate mind clearing oil, if mind is overeactive it heps to banish unwanted thoughts and induce sense of calmness.

Nervous system: Induce a sense of well being and create a padding between u and outside world.

Prevent wrinkles, help balance oily skin and dandruff and stimulates hair growth

Clary Sage Oil Uses

  • For stress relief and aromatherapy, gently breath 1 drops from tissue
  • To  have better mood and release pain, add 3–5 drops of  to warm towel and compress pain area.
  • For eyes strain, add 2–3 drops of clary sage oil to a clean and warm wash cloth; press cloth over both eyes for 10 minutes.
  • For cramp and pain relief, create a massage oil by diluting 5 drops of clary sage oil with 5 drops of a carrier oil (like jojoba or coconut oil) and apply it to needed areas.
  • To ease digestion, massage the abdomen with equal parts clary sage oil and a carrier oil, or use a hot compress with 3–5 drops of clary sage oil soaked into it.
  • To have a good prayer session or quiet mind, mix 6 drops of clary sage oil with 2 drops of frankincense, grapefruit pink. Add the mixture to a oil burner or blend with a 10ml rice bran oil use and massage chest 
  • For hair issues, rosemary and clarysage final rinse hair into your scalp while showering.

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