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Sun Flower Slimming Oil

Alot of people looking ways to slim down. Words related to Slimming down has become the most used words in health and wellness.

 Especially when you look at magazines the models etc. (if u really see model in real person, they are just skinny and look different from catwalk). Reality as a working adult , we will have some love handles and "stubborn fats". When omhealth talks about slimming, we are talking about improving circulation and metabolism.

 误区: Eating salads daily for main meal will cause u lost abit and wont go further but in long term will get fat faster because metabolism rate drops and spleen affected and long term will cause health issues. The key is to eat correct and right timing.

Facts: When u are pass 35 u wont get fat easier but ur body get out of shape faster. Look in the mirror, is all around thighs and waist line and tummy. Well, really many times for women are water retention due to high level of salt and sugar.

And lack of movements and late dinner. U get fat or out of shape because of ur dinner.

If u want to have visible body result in 10 days....... WHAT TO DO?  (not lost weight but may 200gram lost)

10 Days healthy Slimming: 
 A) 15mins minimum exercise (no time, walk stairs home daily) (daily drink 3 slice of ginger water morning)
For a long time , ginger is the root to overcome wide range of GI distresses. Expert believe its helps to stimulate digestive secretions, improve intestinal muscle tone. It can enhance food through the gastrointestinal tract. Got bad period cramps? Try ginger tea.]{ Omhealth true High mountain ginger dried is affordable and good quality, have a packet, under miscellaneous.

B) Breakfast no no mee hoon mee but just bread
C) Lunch must eat with proper rice and food that u want to eat
D) 2pm-3pm drink omhealth white tea (or any tea u like ba)
E) Dinner , a sweet potatoe or any cooked vegetables or fish soup. (NO CARBO DINNER) F) After shower, apply SUNFLOWER SLIMMING OIL

Extracted from 2009  Bryan lao Shi Article:

Sunflower Slimming OilThis blend not only slim but helps to detox and tone body. It can be used on stomach, thigh and hands. Oil is even more effective than serum and helps to smoothen skin. When combined with the following massage, it can also help to overcome BLOATED STOMACH PROBLEMS AND DIGESTIVE PROBLEM. The oil helps to remove water retention and fats cell, remove toxic from body systems
Ingredients: Certified Organic Sunflower oil, Sweet Fennel Oil, Holy Cypress Oil, J.Juniper Berry oil. Etc...
The mixture also helps to figh vericose VEINs. (those green veins at legs)
Method A: Intensive tummy slimming shaping
Massage stomach with the oil 54 times clockwise while lying down on bed. Followed by pressing the following points:
Press each acupressure point (as indicated in the diagram).
For each point, press 6 sec (hold it) than release repeat 30 times.
Point A: Four fingers above navel (as shown below improve digestion and body energy too).
Point B: Two fingers beside navel to remove fats and water retention.
Point C: Four fingers below navel to remove bloatedness
Method B: Well Define Lines
Apply SunFlower oil on tummy: Lie flat on bed:
Picture 1: Massage tummy clockwise 54 times.
Picture 2: Push downwards with 10 fingers 30 times
(starting position shown to end position below navel)Picture 3: To have 2 sexy lines, use thumb and glide downwards 30 times.

Method C: Yoga Method

As illustrated in this picture, lift legs from position 1 to 4, 4 to 1 slowly. Helps in slimming and digestion. Must breathe IN slowly from 1 to 4. Then breathe out from 4 to 1 slowly.
One set is 20 times. Super power to align stomach Qi and Indigestion.

Method D: Kwa Sa method

Apply oil to tummy and use Kwa Sa plate to kwa from above navel to below navel of tummy 40 times downwards.

Slimming Soup Recipes:排骨300g,玉米须 20 g, 冬瓜(连皮)500克,赤小豆60克,葱头5个,煲汤,不放盐。赤小豆、冬瓜煲瘦排骨汤功效:补脾、利水、消肿,其作用为补脾而不留邪,利水而不伤正气。

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