Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rice Water

Get Younger with Bryan Talk was a topic given in 2004 right after health and beauty with Bryan.

This is all my effort to work with concern of

Neck shoulder pain
Skin radiance method
Practical Aromatherapy

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Newsletter:   Rice water Version 1 of 30 ( I have 30 recipes)

Rice water for healing was imparted to me in Taiwan back in 2002, since than those who know me, i have been introducing. Is my key for antiaging:> U will love it:>
Brighten skin, hives, eczema issues, glowy skin , neck tension and back tension.

Fresh Peppermint Leaves abit
Rice : the cup level to 40 marks
Water 700ml:

Wash the rice, pour in 700ml water boil for 20mins small fire. Off fire, throw in some peppermint leaf (fresh)

Close lid for 4mins.

Now apply peppermint oil at neck shoulder or clarity roller .

pour to a bowl the porridge water and slowly inhale the steam and when cool drink slowly.

Clear headaches, heatiness, nourish 5 organs.

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