Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Insomnia Sleep

When we talk about sleep quality and sleep issues. There are so much things we can talk about.

Drink 2 cups of rice water daily works wonder for sleep issues. And immediately after u drink , apply some rose balm on chest. It removes heart fire affecting sleep.

For donkey years, health speakers, doctors etc talk about this topic and sometimes u can have a whole seminar talk about just sleep.

This are some of the successful oil used for sleep: U can use for footbath , handbath .

Now keep ur skin clean and a simple mask helps sleeps too in the evening. White clay mask ,u can feel absorb the worries aura from face. Magneto scrub also release stress from body.

Skin radiance, stress release mask

A) Scrub with the powerful facial flora scrub gently
B) Clay a teaspoon mix with some rose or lavender water to a watery paste and apply face.
Leave it on 15mins and wash off.
C) Apply rose water face and 2-3 drops any facial Oil and massage face.

Being in omhealth to deliver talks on wellness. I think we are moving to an era of poor sleep quality.

Sleep quality: Doesnt measure by number of hours u sleep. Some sleep 8 hours still tired, some sleep 5 hours to 6 hours still feel ok.

My experience: If u sleep 6 or 5 hours, do ensure to have a 10-15mins nap or rest in noon time. If u sleep 8 hours still tired means ur body circulation has issues , u need to watch ur diet.

There are some sleep cause by stress in day time. Like waking up at 3am to 4am. From my body physio studies, is mainly due to the trapped issues or unfinished work energy that reside in ur body and ur 5 organs carries that energy of "worries" resulted the incapability to rest well and wake up 3 to 4 am to think and ponder.

This can be going on for many weeks to years.

What to DO?

If u wake up in middle of night, just keep calm and dont think that ur sleep is having problem. Just say: Oh well, ..... Than go toilet clear ur bladder. Follow by applying any favourite oil on neck and chest and go back to bed with eyes close.

I suggest rose balm apply chest is very important and lavendula or above oil on neck chest foot.

Sleep Issues: Most of the times are the incapable of body to release this patterns of stress or worries that are trap inside ur body. So during day time, learn to relax more. But if u can relax, use aromatherapy oil for shower and also press acupressure.
Than work with ur worries by writing diary. Am not joking. Write down how u feel works wonder.

Acupressure for insomnia issues ( takes time to work, u must be determined)

Apply lavendula oil at the red point there and press here for a minute or two.

Wear socks to bed: And apply oil bottom of feet and press the point 2 mins shown here
Image result for acupressure for sleep

Soup for sleep  (25th Sep 2016 , please attend this wonderful talk , u will learn alot of fun topics and review what u have learnt pass 10 years)

Below u can drink for health maintenance:

1 slice Lingzhi
5 piece Yu Zhu
15 pieces Bai He
Goji seeds 20
FU Lin Juan 4

Optional ( if u drink day time u add Bao Sheng, if u drink evening dont add, for beginners i suggest no need add, so u boil at night can drink abit and than rest keep in flask, next morning can drink.)

The blend is called: AN SHEN, CHU fan. Calm ur mind and remove worries tea.

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