Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chronic Fatigue Dampness body

The weather and our daily stress results in our body stress tensions and also fatigue that is beyond description.
Even u don't have health issues. U still feel really not well.

Step A: Please do a Bryan Relax Blend Power Bath
Step B: Apply lavendula and grapefruit pink bottom of feet and wear socks to sleep

When was the last time u juice beetroot and Pineapple? Or Blend them with some water?

Do it for 3 days and renew ur body system.

This can be due to the energy level of body not in right charge. Your reserved energy in your body is burnt out and u didnt replenish it with right food and energy.

Bryan Lao Shi Anti-Tiredness Juice

Do not drink cold or add ice. All items if taken out from fridge need to wait until no cold than juice. Prefer to drink between 10am to 12pm.

A) Beetroot x 1, Kale x 1, Carrot (1/3 to a/2), Apple Green and some cucumber (2 cm) than some normal temperature water put inside blender. U will become a smoothies.
After this u can take some warm Ginger tea an hour later.


B) This juice good also a blend of pineapple, carrots, And one type of greens (can be kale, spinach)
Than also some cardamon powder a pinch (u can find in herbs powder segment in cold storage)

Dear all, use more aroma oil , and powerbath too. It can works fast.

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