Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oil quality

Art of doing Business for omhealth and everyday I look at this motto to remind myself. 

Since 1998 have first bottle of lavendula vera and now to many oil. Countless workshop to train many. And some has been sales in other brands and continue to have good relation with omhealth. And still call me lao shi. Thank u:> My pass down the use of aroma oil techniques:>

When we do business we must rejoice in others success and look at ways to improve ourselves. We must also learn how to have business ethnics and respect:>

My teacher's words on business and can apply on work

用心计较般般错, 退步思量事事宽,喜欢斤斤计较的人必是心量狭小,福浅得薄的人,而肯吃亏的人必是君子,所以说欺人是祸,饶人是福,吃亏就是占便宜,因为人亏天补,天公爱惜傻人。量小福小量大福大, 心窄是苦,心宽是天堂.

天大地大, 太阳光大,父母恩大,君子量大, 故君子之善不与人争,争者如是非。修子应当体谅别人,宽以待人, 才能培养宽厚仁慈之善心.

Ahhaha many forget le, I am an aromatherapist Bryan Lao Shi. I insist good oil and quality oil. Media called and labelled me as wellness guru for a reason. I never want to mention this as at all time we must keep humble. But lately I find some very young oil dealer talk without respect de. So take note ah:>

19 years of training and practical use of oil ; Do respect this 19 years. 


In ancient time , why we have aromatherapist, because we filter for u and ensure good oil goes to u. But people now dont respect the role we play and ask " ur quality etc" but i understand times are different, so today i compelet this article for some: http://omhealth.com/BryanAroma.htm#Quality_of_Oil

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