Tuesday, May 3, 2016

水水 Skin part 2

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When it comes to beautiful, the secret is hydration.

20s , 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s skin texture wrinkles may appear. But hydration is an important step for your skin to reach enlightenment.

With Bryan Lao Shi natural method, you can activate the skin capability to rehydrate again and provide a good moisture care.


Now we are in 4 season of summer weather, Many skincare commercial may not be suitable for us.
So omhealth has designed simplest skincare for all skin type.


Cleanser: Astiquer cleanser and Raffael Cleanser (is important to use good cleanser)

Soothe skin
Now Singapore weather is hot, so after cleansing, we take the flora water out from fridge (rose otto hydrosol or lavender water) in cotton and dab face for 2mins- 3mins. It cooled irritated or cool the skin by 2 degree so ur skin can calm down.

Hydrating Serum (choose between Antiage Serum or Algae Serum)
Day: Antiage Serum or Algae Serum (both serum hydrates and repair skin and are very high grade active ingredients.

Night : U can use hydrating serum or magwhite serum

Moisturiser (DAY)
omhealth moisturiser u need to experiement urself.

For matured and all skin type:
Algae moisturiser   --- all skin
Perfectionist  --- all skin (day or night) , matt finish for skin

Synergy Cream ---- more to matured and dry skin , very flora herbs and rich too. )day or night

Day time: u can just use SPF25 sunblock with collagen after serum. But if that day skin very dehydrated, u can apply after the above moisturiser

After cleanse, soothe, serum use

Marine collagen (rich to moisture skin and repair)

Eye Care Series:

Now many many after using my eye series can see good results in eye skin hydration

i) HA Eye serum twice a day after cleansing face

Morning: Dragonblood eye gel after HA eye serum
Night: U can continue Dragonblood eye gel after HA eye serum, but if is matured skin use the warm sensation Ginseng eye cream.


i)DragonBlood A8D skin repair GEL; If this gel going to be in market it will be $280 type.

Is a special Gel, u can use alone as moisturiser, or can be after serum . and after this gel u can apply mini bit moisturiser.

Facial OIL:
Dear al please use facial oil: It can repair all skin type. It wont clog pores. Use the H2O2 method.

Neroli facial Oil (many buy le still not using well, well sometimes just put alot massage face and neck and body in shower and rinse body with warm water)

Immortella facial Oil

Rose 4R flower facial Oil

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