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Jasmine Oil and Bryan

Jasmine Gold Omhealth: 

I find it instil a calmness quite immediate. There are many species only jasmine gold has this feeling for me.
Below are the properties where people spend time to research:
Analgesic (mild),
antidepressant, antiinflammatory,
antispasmodic, aphrodisiac,
carminative, cicatrisant,
expectorant, galactagogue,
sedative, tonic (uterine).
Depression, nervous
exhaustion, and stress related
conditions, jasmine is said to
produce the feeling of
optimism, confidence,
euphoria, it is especially good
in cases of apathy,
indifference, or listlessness.
Jasmine is also used for
catarrh, coughs, laryngitis,
dysmenorrhoea, labor pains,
uterine disorders, skin problem
such as dry, greasy, irritated,
sensitive skin, and for
muscular spasms and sprains

Well do u still remember the 1970s
TV show Donny and Mary show?

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They were the popular host for 70s show and i think i have seen them often on Black and White TV.

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What have they to do with Jasmine oil?

Hahahah in 90s, Marie was interviewed by Oprah in a tv show. And she mentioned. Once doing performance overseas and she totally lost her voice. And what happen a lady sold her a oil that she says apparently is so so expensive and she uses it.... Guess what ? Her voice returns.

Jasmine oil is one of the most expensive oil in aromtherapy. So 15 years ago 3ml already $200.

So they have many grade... and i tell u many many grades....

Jasmine is a oil that detox body and relieve respiratory and liver disorders.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Health Research tested the mood-lifting effects of jasmine oil on 20 healthy volunteers and found an improvement in brainwave actives that help regulate mood. Jasmine oil was inhaled by all the study participants, and then central nervous system function and mood responses were tested. Participants had electrodes placed on their heads and also filled out personal questionnaires.
Compared to the electrode and test results prior to inhaling jasmine oil, the results after using jasmine oil showed a significant improvement in cognitive-emotional responses. Researchers observed improved levels of activity in beta wave power in the anterior center and the left posterior regions of the brain, which help control emotions and stress 
Participants reported feeling an increase in positive thoughts and feelings — including a reduction in stress but a renewed feeling of being more active, awake and romantic. 
Other studies show that jasmine oil is among a group of essential oils that help balance hormone levels by acting as phytoestrogens, plant constituents with a phenolic structure similar to estrogen. This gives therapeutic-grade oils, including jasmine oil, the ability to help correct menopause, PMS and other hormone-related issues.
For example, after testing women for 11 common symptoms related to hormone fluctuations — including hot flashes (vasomotor), insomnia, nervousness, weakness and headaches — researchers found that aromatherapy and massage with phytoestrogen oils helped decrease symptoms without causing any negative side effects. 
Additionally, jasmine oil is believed to have antiviral, antibiotic and antifungal properties that make it effective for boosting immunity and fighting illness. In fact, jasmine oil has been used as a folk medicine treatment for fighting hepatitis, various internal infections, plus respiratory and skin disorders for hundreds of years in Thailand, China and other Asian countries. Phytochemical studies show that jasmine oil’s secoiridoid glycosides are the oil’s primary active ingredients that fight harmful cells and increase immune function

Omhealth year end has 5 bottle Fresh Jasmine for super collectors.

Is $250 for 5ml and worth to collect for many blending. And make perfume. Goes well with Lime or lemon oil

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