Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Launch my 11th Blend

Launch of 11th Blend: Mindfulness Grounding Blend

When omhealth launch something, there is a story behind each oil Blend.

If u observe a farmer, he wakes up at 5am, go farm work under hot sun till evening. 
He goes home, shower--- dinner. And follow by a drum sing and relax , smiling and joyful. He is not tired at all.

But look at many of us, wake up morning tired. Mind tired because of work, family and issues. Think and think and think. By the time to office, have not start work , tired liao. Agitated and wonder why.

Go home , like souless and totally drained. And thinking tomorrow , Sian again.

But u see a farmer uses how much energy compare to u. Why are u physically so tired and drained. Well is the MIND. 

A man's happiness depends also on his mental climatic conditions or the mental health. This mental health can be maintained only when there is grounding, mindful , awareness and also  must have  a greater goal in front of us to inspire us.

Many people dont set some goals now. For me, my goal is to have better health by taking care of my body by doing breathing exercise.

Now when u see breathing exercise in this article. Stop and do 3 times deep breathing in and out.....


Dont be KIAP by people, learn to unkiap your life with power of flower scent.

Helps alot to clear alot of inner struggle and debris of negative thoughts. Is a blend that helps one to clear 2016 negativity and welcome 2017. Is a welcome new energy oil:> Is a oil all should have a bottle in office stick to mini fan and blow ur office ...... I mention in facebook, star sign arrangement alot of anger energy around. The ironical part is what happen now to decemeber affect ur 2017. So Grounding blend is launched let u have a good 2017

1)Can be use in inhalation from cotton
2) 5 drops with 10 ml rice bran oil can use body massage
3) Add 20 drops to u own shower gel and shake it well become a healing shower gel
4) Add to your washing machine when washing cloth

This blend is very special: Once u inhale at first, is citrus orange and than lime... this is to dig out ur negativity, than orange starts to linger around to remind u are protected. The min dash of Jasmine Gold sparkles hope and ground u. Slowly it ends with a sweet rosy smell and than lime comes in again to let u calm down.

I will dab abit wrist and play with it and if is too strong u inhale from cotton slowly.

Mindfulness Grounding Blend

Every year near to the end I will launch a new blend. This year we have this blend call Mindfulness Grounding Blend

Focus on
1) NOW energy
2) Compassion
3) Sleep easy when going to bed

This is a very unique blend of
Jasmine Gold, Lime, Orange, Bourdon, Grapefruit White and  Crystal Flower Essence (special)
And this blend remains $45 which is very affordable to all.

Mindfulness is something we lack of now. Most of the time our mind is scattered energy. 

In ur body's energy....

30 percent think about past and cant move on
40 percent worries about future
Left with 30 percent .... u deal with unhappiness or working....

But how many of u live in the present moment. How many of u know how to breath in deeply and aware u are breathing and exhale aware u are breathing out. And be mindful about the energy u have to make choices.


In any given situation u face in ur life now, I believe we have a choice between love and fear. We experience fear of change,fear of not changing, fear of future, and fear of taking a chance. Fear of being alone, fear of noise, fear of leting people know what we need and who we are,and we fear letting of  past.

While on the other hand, love and mindfulness and grounding is miracle, we are all looking for. Alot of time, when a person dwell in worries, a person can keep on thinking and thinking spiral non stop.

Or like being KIAP by worries and worry non stop and mind block cant think.


Remind yourself whenever you are frightened that you are not loving yourself and trusting yourself.
Even when life Kiap you a long time, struggle is useless. But do more breathing exercise and when u become mindful... U can easily Unkiap yourself and be free.

Now Unkiap yourself and be mindful.

This Oil blend is special.. It will unkiap you layer by layers and let u feel NOW and be PRESENT. Once u are in the NOW. U can resolve all issues.

Unkiap yourself Exercise with the NEW OIL

1) I am anxious all the time
2) Nothing works for me
3) Growing old frightens me
4) People dont like me
5) Everyone is against me
6) I am scared of being alone
7) I have difficulty in expressing to many people
8) My temper is out of control
9) People dont understand me 
10) I am not good enough and i dont have time.

If every check above u find is u. Do a deep brearthing exercise with the inhalation of the MINDFULNESS OIL and say 

" I release this"

After you release above , do the following affirmations.

" I am willing to let go what is not needed in my life. Being mindful here and now, i welcome new creative energy . I am at peace with the process of life. I am Safe , Energy and Grounded."

This oil energy has a protective auric energy. Some who are sensitive enough able to feel it:>

I hope all of u transformed.

End of year normally the energy will be abit hectic, things comes in alot to test ur patient. People might be more short temper. Also u may be feeling down or unknown anger quite easily. This oil comes in the right time.

How u use omhealth oil:? IN OFFICE. Get a nice mini fan. Scotch tape , tape a cotton and put the oil few drops will do.

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