Saturday, March 18, 2017

Aromatherapy And USages

Using of Aromatherapy scent therapy can help a person to release stress . But what really is stress?
Stress saps energy and eventually our enjoyment of life, Stress makes us unhappy without us even realising it.

Good health is not just an absence of disease but the presence of emotional and physical well being. So are you healthy?

Many of us cant  remember when you are last felt 100% emotionally and physically well. And the chances are that its stress that is bringing you down.

Series of question to ask u

1) A bit of thing people can irritate u. Or a sales girl or hawker aunty say something more firm, u feel very offended.
2) U feel tired all the time and hard to motivate yourself.
3) Do u feel lack of confidence and self-esteem.
4) Do you think it is impossible to improve ur situations.
5) Get worried very easily

Essential Oil work wonder to handle the above issues.
Aromatherapy is an art to balance and release many internal blockages

U can put few drops of oil on tissue and put on palm and inhale gently to relax.

Try my

Victoria secret : Handle uncertainity and lost.
Love miracle blend : Promote self love and healing
Lavender and peppermint on tissue.: Clear blockages

Put a distant from ur nose and sniffing it, as shown below. What this lady do is, she put few drops of oil on tissue and a distant from nose and sniffle.

Than u can close ur eyes and relax and feel freedom.

A great freedom is felt when we release the tension created by the lower centers of consciousness that trap us in attachment of power over others, money and sensation. If we use oil and cotton method to rest our mind 3 mins or 2 mins a day. U can reset ur energy. After that the tissue can put in pocket or bag or cupboard.

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Or sometimes on ur office desk have a bowl of cottons. Omhealth oil vibrates in a very good energy. Try and u will know:>
bowl of cotton balls

Omhealth Essential Oil is a great way to kick start your day, in middle of day and before u rest:>

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