Friday, March 17, 2017

Health and Beauty Talk Part ONE

Once a friend told me, world now is different. Why are you still so determined with giving health workshop. People now see FB or Live wworkshop online.

I tell my friends, if u attend my workshop. U will know what is workshop. I want to share with all my therapy friends... dont give up giving handson workshop to people. I know is not easy to organise workhop nowadasy. Youngster now and 20 years ago are different.

People don't like to gather and attend workshop like last time. We are so busy and....

But as long as omhealth is around, I will continue this passion like day ONE.

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Like writing notes for u, teach with whiteboard and slides...

Dont hesitate le, this workshop is a very good one:>

Is more than a workshop, 18 years of experiences and lifestyle to share with U:>

2nd April 2017
Venue: National Library
Time: 930am to 12pm
Fees: $38

This is a talk i talk about same thing i taught 18 years ago but why there are students that come repeatedly? Well because there are new things to discover.
We will re look into

1) Backaches and Insomnia Issues and best remedies after 18 years of teaching
2) Skin rejuvenation method and how to further using H2O2 method with omhealth skincare
3) Tea upgrades for acne pimple and body aches
4) Secret SOup that bring Joy to ur back and health
5) Exercise and stretch that Bryan Has upgraded to latest version past 18 years and how he has used it in many volunteer work.
Meridians and ear meridians activation for good health and body repair system

6) Surprises:.

U are with me for 18 to 20 years many of u. From a Bryan Lao Shi, upgraded to Wellness Guru in Singapore. But I am still the same Bryan u know. Just that i become more polite le right:>

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