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Benefits of Using Natural Fresh oil on Body

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I have decided to change the body oil to spray bottle next season>>>>> Many say this leak. I feel is not leak but when pour the oil slide to the bottle ahahha.

Fresh Natural

Lately I notice some customer order oil from website that is so cheap. End up, is adulterate oil. Please get ur body oil from reliable sources. Some website pic look very pro. but end product is weird.

U can support or any other brand u like. But trust me, start using body oil ok.
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Since 1995, I have been using oil on my body.
For face i use it moderately in 2002. That time I have launched this neroli facial Oil, which can be abit oily but super god for matured skin. So I invented
H2O2 method. Which is damp the face with lavender water than 3 drops face massage and warm towel compress and wipe off.
Skin becomes super radiance.  Well u can see the label beside has a series of video:>

  • Omhealth Natural Oil
  • Easily absorbed by the skin, won’t clog pores and generally suit all skin types!
  • Hydrate without leaving behind a greasy coating or feel.
  • Packed with vitamins and nutrients that have the amazing ability to balance the skin!
  • A little oil goes a LONG way! (uncle me few drops can cover whole body)
  • Do not require synthetic preservatives or binding agents!

Body Oil:

Well in the market it has alot of body oil, some heavily advertised for scar etc. But once they buy they find it very oily and when looks ingredients is all frangrance and some mineral oil mix with some natural oil.

Real Body Oil is aromatherapy Carrier Oil

1) Rice Bran oil --- Launched in 2004
2) MCT body coconut oil =--- Launched in 2004 and stopped and now is here
3) Jojoba Body Oil  --- Launched this year and market launch at $120 a bottle (cant believe how people markup)

A) Body Oil repair Skin and Wont give stress to ur body organs. As Skin is largest organ inbody, imagine u still apply chemicals.
Beside the hydrating benefits, Omhealth body oils can help repair and heal scars, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, soothe irritated skin, and even help tackle cellulite (sunflower slimming waiste line and legs oil)

B) Aroma relax with essential Oil; I love to use body oil . I put few drops on palm and add a few drops lavendula and apply whole body and gently massage the oil into your skin to relieve tired or tight muscles. Good oIl absorb quickly to skin you won’t have to worry about the formula transferring onto clothes or sheets. 

C) Body Oil prevents body acnes if u use after scrub ur body. AS it
  1. Delivers fatty acids and nutrients. FYI - acne prone skin is usually deficient in fatty acids.
  2. Fatty acids convert to prostaglandins involved in cell and tissue regeneration.
  3. Preserves your skins natural oils while removing grime and bacteria.
  4. Slows oxidation - aging. Cold pressed,  seed oil contains vitamin C, D, E and a form of vitamin A. High in antioxidants to help scavenge free radicals, the cause of oxidation.
Bryan Lao Shi Secret Bedroom oil before sleep
I blend in a bottle empty pump (u can get from SASA or from me is $2.50)

Body OIl: Below blend mix with 25ml of any of my body Oil.

  • 5 drops Lavender + 5 drops Sweet Marjoram for good sleep
  • 5 drops CEdarwood + 5 drops Frankincense  for radiance body skin
  • 5 drops Bryan relax Blend + 5 drops rose geranium for calming skin
  • 10 drops  Auric20 for Protection and healing aura skin
  • 5 drops Frankincense + 5 drops Lavendula and 5 drops Lemon for youthful skin.


So all this year my facial Oil I have developed
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i) Neroli Facial Oil  (not for oily skin, but can use if u combine with rose or lavender water)
ii) Blue roayl Chamomile Facial Oil (Stopped now)
iii) Immortella facial Oil (matured skin )

       All Skin Type ( to my surprise some with acne, use grandeur oil abit works wonder)
iv)  Rose 4C with Vitamin C and Chrysanthemum Facial Oil
Special with this 4R Rose Oil:

It has VITAMIN C, the high grade and wont oxidised on skin surface. I have introduced at TV before. It has complex 5 plant oil, Rose geranium, rosemary extract and marigold flower of course rose

v)) Grandeur Facial Oil (Cactus fruit and pomegranate and Cherry)


The invention of Facial Oil was inspired by a branded France brand where a bottle of facial oil cost now $160. But is smaller bottle and also added fragrance and preservative. But omhealth facial oil is fresh. That means from Australia and once oil u receive u calculate 6 months must finished.

I cant be bother to put expiry date, because it can be changed. For me is trust and u will know.


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