Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happy Teacher's Day

Today I want to thank all my Teachers since young and thank you so much for motivating and inspiring me to be a better person everyday.

To thank all my teachers. Omhealth this month has also provide medicine and good for people who need.

Decided not to put pic here. Just want to say : Teachers hope u are proud of omhealth and let me continue ur teaching to help more people :

My Parents and Grandparents my best teacher (thank you)
My Aromatherapy teacher from New Zealand Clare Anthony (thank you)
My Crystal healing Teacher from Australia (thank you)
My TCM teachers thank you
My Acupressure and meridians teachers thank you
My ISO 9001 Quality Audit Teachers (Kallang side) thank you

Personally i like to thank to all students who message and email me . And I send all blessings to all .

Shopping cart really need your support and thank you 

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During my younger days, aromatherapy is a professional art. Is not like a few sticks on perfume or air refreshner. Aromatherapy talks about art of healing and personal development. Because Essential oil re the lessons from Mother Earth

My Love of aromatherapy is more than physical properties . Each bottle of omhealth Oil carries a wonderful story of healing

 A bit of eucalyptus radiata or peppermint essential oil from omhealth will not only open up breathing passages, but will stimulate and Enlighten u.
Omhealth Healing Jasmine and Oil blend brings u to a more tranquil place

Essential oils are concentrated extracts taken from the roots, leaves, seeds, or blossoms of plants. Each contains its own mix of active ingredients, and this mix determines what the oil is used for. Some oils are used to promote physical healing -- for example, to treat swelling or fungal infections. Others are used for their emotional value -- they may enhance relaxation or make a room smell pleasant. Orange blossom oil, for example, contains a large amount of an active ingredient that is thought to be calming.

Do you know Dr Jean Valnet used to use cypress in hospital for coughs and bron¬chitis: a few drops of cypress oil on the patient’s pillow stopped the coughing. I’ve found this effective too. In France, cough pastilles were once made from crushed cypress cones.

(See also arthritis, bruises, dysmenorrhoea, fatigue, fever, frostbite, menstrual cycle problems, oedema and pneumonia.)


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