Saturday, February 17, 2018

Brand new Good Health and Skin

I always ask myself, what is the new year resolution for health and skin?
Well for me every year i will set a good practice for my skin and health.

For this year 2018 I will only have 2 health and wellness event and I hope u can make an effort to attend.

1) 1st April 5 element exercise class at Studio Yoga
2) 15th July Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi with TCM doctors

Do attend from

I shall share with u the importance of making a tea daily for yourself.
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A good cleanser like Astiquer cleanser take care of cleansing and also all parts of skin

A) Kick off with a good cleanser

Many asked me about cleanser should we use a milk cleanser or foam cleanser

For past 15 years omhealth has two cleanser which I seldom talk about it because I Tot many will know as there are alot of regular users.

A) Astiquer Facial Cleanser
B) Tea tree raffael cleanser

I use A and B alternately because sometimes my skin need deep cleanse I use B. For me When Day I use Tea tree cleanser, Night I use Astiquer facial cleanser.

A good cleanser is free from chemical and also replenish moisture in the skin and it cleanser

Product Details can be found:
C) Lavender Organic Flora water is a must. Put on cotton and wipe face daily to clear white heads or black heads. Or u can put cotton and put on face for 2mins for clarity of skin.

D) Use Serum for face is a must when u pass 30 and most needed when u re in ur 40s 50s 60s u can see the great effect :>
Omhealth beginners u can use
Day Time: Antiage Serum   Evening Time: Magwhite serum

Sometimes u can alternate with Rose Brightening Serum either day or night.

E) Select a good day lotion and a night cream
Day I Use Day Hydrating Milk  , Night I use marin collagen or True Brightening Moisturer


B) The tea must be wide variety

1) red dates and ginger   ----  circulation drink before 1pm or 3pm.
2) Chamomile  --- Evening ( 2-3 times a week but cannot daily)
3) Peppermint --- Once or twice a week in noon
4) Chrysanthemum (twice a week, but if u drink chamomile dont drink juhua)
5) Wu Wei zi  ( Day time )

As we aged our intestine need to take care too. Recently i found
JustMe plum is very good , coated with herbs than improve digestion and u take one after good with a glass of water in evening time. U must watch the time u eat

normally after 7 hours, first time eat will fart alot and also go toilet. So I take either 10pm. U need to find ur right timing and take after food with a glass of water.

The promocode is cny15

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