Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Launching of the Whitening Series of Serum and Moisturiser

This is Singapore first Skin Series formulated with power of herbs and scientific ingredients that gives u translucent, moist and smooth skin with whitening effects.

The serum and moisturiser provides a prolonged period of moisturising and emollient effects and with the herbal ingredients that increased the skin natural healing.

Time to experience good whitening products without harsh chemicals.

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Not only that it protects your skin from the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation spots and dehydration/ Naturally it revitalizes your skin . It is rich yet it is lite

Scientific News

OMG Serum  $55
Transexamic was  used in medicine to prevent bleeding issues. But later in medical fields it was found to be able to effectively reduce liver spots and pigmentation. And attack the melanin growth which brighten the skin.

The formulation Serum helps to restore problems skin and pigmentation issues and improves overall facial complexion and restore ur natural glow. It also helps to reduce acne scar.

OMG Moisturiser  $68

This is same series as of serum. Is a emulsion perfect for any skin type and to be used after any of my facial serum. This OMG moisturiser will hydrate repair and  improve your skin’s health, brighten and antioxidant protection with nourishment of the series of herbs in it.

Also with Alpha-arbutin
It is extracted from the bearberry plant that blocks the development of melanin . It is a skin lightener. It brighten skin without irritation because the active component from arbutin is freed at a slow rate which makes it less irritating for the skin.

So it can help repair skin from free radicals, non toxix, and attack freckles, blemishes and antiinflammatory

Galactomyces Ferment : Well the rice fermentation very famous brand has ok:> Dual effect of whitening and anti age.

Promotion now is both at $110 ends this Friday


Rose Hydrosol no stock will be arriving 8th April 2018.

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