Monday, April 2, 2018

Proper Closure of 5 element exercise class

Below are some pic of first few 5 element exercise class back in 2004. And time flies and yesterday 1st APR 2018 we have completed the final 5 element exercise class.
And I decided to rest for 2 years. and moce to have more class on herbs and acupressure .

Many not into classes now, do u know by making a little effort to register for class will help many therapist to carry on with research and passion. i am the lucky one who started the omhealth during no IPHONE time. People are more willing to learn and attend class. Make effort to gather attend class because is different from watching a YOUTUBE.

5 element exercise class was founded back in early 2000 , that time we dont have much yoga studio or any form of exercise studio. So I decided to have a workshop on exercise that combines

Qi Gong
5 element balancing.

And till today this class was amazing. Can u believe photos below using those Fuji old camera ahahhahaa.

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2001 5 element class at Chai Chee CC

Image result for bryanomhealth 5 element exercise class omhealth

2008 5 element exercise at Toa Payoh Safre

2009 5 element exercise class CSC

2011 at Waterloo center


2018 5 element exercise Class (Closure till 2020)

A nice class yesterday which I must say the art of balance and methods are shared. Thank you that u make effort to come and support. I will now spend more times to study with Han Medical and also few medical halls to excel my soup and herbs knowledge and acupressure.

Is amazing when medical hall, clinics all wanted to join with omhealth. But I need to be careful whether they are genuine. U notice I mention few medical hall in class so to show i am not their spokesman and become commercial .

Do u know the set up of yesterday class is very Australia new age class. I print out different health news and paste on the mirror ahahha:> SO after class u can take pic.

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