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Wellness of Body Mind and Emotion

I was an engineer and now I am in wellness field. I am very passionate about balance diet (not into full salad, or health diet or unhealthy diet) . To me having a balance diet and mindfulness helps in my health and my daily energy.

For 20 years has been going around Singapore to talk about wellness and is time that I need some youngster to take over this work. And I am glad that HAN TCM has some doctors who are very well interest in crystal and aromatherapy. Thank God.

Upcoming Health and Beauty Talk 2018 Omhealth 21 years anniversary , hope u can attend:>

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I love to cook but hate to wash and I love to do alot of sports too.

As I grow older i find that besides balancing my body energy. Having a peaceful mind and healthy thinking and thoughts is really important. Is not about religion etc. I find that as we grew older what we need is peace of mind and feeling happy.

I have friends who are not happy and dedicate all their time to buddhism but in a wrong way, they may have do alot prayers and also do alot ritual or attending alot buddhist classs but they forget about simplicity and balance. Which is the middle path. Normally i will tell them to perform a spiritual detox. Ask them spend a week, no need do any prayers just be with themselve and relax and not too tense up.

Everything in extreme will back fire. That relates to Chinese Yin and Yang. There is no good or no bad. But too much good and too much bad can cause inbalance. But I hope u can think about this in deeper level.  I am not asking u to cut down to do good and start doing bad. What i mean is everything you do must balance and let it go and have a healthy smooth flow in life.

I have friends who spend alot of time to do charity and go about helping others end up neglected own health, 2 of them is sick now. One just had strokes which pains me to find out lately. This friend go around church, temples and do free acupressure for elderly and also need to take care of his clinic. Anyway may healing takes place for him .


Ask yourself, whateever happiness and unhappiness you facing now is really a movie like, we project our sadness and happiness . If everything u can take it easy and think all is not real . Than u will feel better. Is very easy..... recall the scariest moment in ur life, now think back, is over le, not that bad right.

TCM , Crystal Therapy and Color Therapy and Aromatherapy 

TCM was once not recognized but now is recognized treatment for alot of illnesses. But again SGD is flooded with alot of commercialized one we need to be mindful.

healing is such a beautiful art but sometimes the over promised of properties really disturbed me and also working with the oil without knowing the healing energy is really not effective at all.

Example : lavendula vera (omhealth) activate liver and kidney meridiant
Eucalyptus: Lungs meridian  and Spleen meridians

I love working with Awakening blend when mind lack of focus and Love miracle blend if i need to handle alot of family issues or relationships issues.

All these are based on experiences and no books or youtube can be found. I am really worry sometimes when people sell oil base on books properties which may result in adverse effect which is no effect.

Crystal Therapy:
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Since 1998 i have worked very hard to share with many crystal therapy is like an energy therapy and not about fengshui and Spiritual although it activate our body to be at good energy. It helps us to cultivate peace, calme and joy and concentration. But till today flooded with the wrong directions I have decided to make a come back with more crystal class and chakra healing class.

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Every piece of crystals is an inspiration about art beauty and love of mother nature.:>

Omhealth Body Movement Breathing Exercise with Aromatherapy

This was first created by Bryan in 1998 and first dance was held in NTU talk. And till now omhealth has created
1) Butterfly dance
2) Peacock Dance
3) 5 element meridians movement
4) Tapping with VW U exercise
5) Vibrational dance and stomach healing qi gong

Western Medicines:

I really respect western medicine and at all times i tell many natural therapist , any health issues must also see western doctors as they have a proper proven system for some health issues like spine scan etc. But whether to go for operations for certain illness, i suggest u all have 2 more opinions from a doctor and also a TCM. Lately a lady save for going to Knee operations after TCM treatment for 2 weeks.

Do u know if sometimes u have serious back aches or pain in body, a western doctor prescription of arcoxia 90mg works wonder than follow by A TCM treatment

My dream one day is when a western doctor, combines with TCM and crystal color therapy treatment for any illnesses will have a cure i think.

But may be need to wait for many decades.

In the mean time from blog and health talk i try to impart as much as I know.

+++++++++++ Example++++++++++++++++++++++

Back Pain Remedies ( short term)
For backache or neck pain. I will use 3 oil method, lavendula vera, peppermint and marjoram with a spray of rice bran oil and massage the pain area. Than end the area with purification blend.

Than I will hold my black tourmaline bracelet and do 636 breathing exercise with a CHuiiii sound to activate kidney energy.

Than if needed i make appointment to go for a neck and back acupuncture.

Chronic Back Pain or bone degenerations

I will use Medisave to do Medican Scan of my back. Than I will go physio 3 times to learn about structure and exercise for my problems

Than I will use 3 oil method daily follw by once a month TCM treatment and do stretches.

I will take green diet 4 times a week.

For back bone degernation normally western doctor say no cure, but surprisingly i see many TCM cure the problems lol


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