Friday, August 31, 2018

Happy Teacher's Day

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Today is a special day; Everyone of you will have impression of your primary school and secondary school teachers.

I think is good to spend few minutes during teacher's day to give thanks to the teachers which had taught us before and try to recall the youthful energy and the passion we had and bring that energy to the current you. Also to forgive the old energy that block us to be a better person.
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No matter what we are facing and challenges we are handling now, remember u have gone thrru so many exam when young and actually you are a strong person now.

What we lack of now is the energy level we used to have. We kept thinking times has changed and people are different. But actually may be we have changed and forgotten the freedom we had before.

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Forgive Yourself Take back Your Power

As a child many of us were  bound by the followings:

good grades, fill our older siblings' or successful relatives footsteps—to be lovable.

During our time in 60s 70s We may not have had parents who told us we deserved love, no matter what we achieved. 

Some of  you may have had parents who considered showing love and tenderness to be a sign of weakness. But we can tell ourselves that they love us

Love is the key to healing, so give it to yourself. And also is good to close your eyes and think about your childhood, there sure to be a hurtful moment and a happiest moment. When u think of the hurtful moment, say " U are ok", when u tot of the happy moment  , say " I bring that energy to 2018 " NOW.


Dont be too harsh to yourself (which I did)

I have  always been an  Kia Shu Achiever, everything from events to talk to seminar , I need it to be perfect. I use all my holidays and rest time to research and seldom go out with friends.

I considered  resting and slowing down as a sign of weakness or may 对不起学生。

Few  years ago( 2013) , I was constantly stressed about not doing enough. I couldn’t enjoy  any time  even I go on Holiday because I’d be thinking about my classes,  events and that year I was asked to be on the show 女人我最大。(and I am one of the longest local representative teacher)

And one evening at KL, i recall when I was a child , because going thru alot of hardship in life and i Push myself very hard even at UNI (taking on a subject that i hate, IEEE Bachelor of Science).
And from kid to UNI i always harsh on myself , I worry to be poor again and worry to I will fail my exam in Australia as I really pass my many test and exam but memorising things than understand how does the subject works.

When I was in in UNI my life is filled with the diagram below. There is no GO BACK, as if I failed my exam in Australia, I wont have extra money to pay my study loan. I pass my exam and well honours degree IEEE.

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I passed all my exams because of this constant pushing myself resulted me to be 200 percent in whatever I do. Even I can relax now, i still push myself to the max.

So one evening one day, i suddenly wake up and tell myself I have pushed myself too much when young and now in my 40s, let me  apologise to my inner child (not taking care and too harsh to him) and i deserve the rest and fruits of my hardwork.

As what you call " Bryan Lao Shi", I think i am still learning. In aromatherapy , till today I still research on the effect of my lavendula vera.

I start to work with aromatherapy and crystals and go back to my younger days forgive, let go and say I love you " Bryan"/

When you start to acknowlege, accept and forgive and love your younger energy , you become your own teacher and with respect of yourself, u gain respect from others too.


Till today 40 plus near 50, I have a heart of 20s  but without the 20s stress (still stress when event but not that kind of stress) and sadness. I have rebirth and renew few years ago. Now is your turn.

Everyone start to take back your power and be strong.

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