Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Skin Care and eyecare

There are 1001 skincare with nice packaging and promoters in market. And omhealth Skincare has very normal packaging. What makes us able to stand firm in the market for 20 years is because of the passion and quality of our skincare.

For example, the facial cleanser used by many since 2004 and stick to it never change. Because the Astiquer facial cleanser is blended with omhealth unique recipes which beautify and cleanse the skin gently.


Omhealth has 4 toners or skin conditioner or skin softener ... (So many names now but it all meant the same)

1) Lavender flora water with Grapefruit extract : For all skin type and i use it often to sooth the skin and brighten skin
2) Rose hydrosol can be use for skin toner and also eye compress for tired eyes or dark eye circles.

3) Glamour Mist: Well this is a mist to use anytime to mist the face for hydration and also skin antiaging plus it is able to brighten skin and repair skin

4) Witch Hazel: I love this because is packed with B5 and Ginger... It heals rashes , body or face.

Which one to USE?

1 and 2 can alternate days or u focus one for a month and change if u want.

3 is to use lunch time and anytime to hydrate skin

4 ) Some start to use as toner

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                     Dont be lazy:  Omhealth flora water helps in in balancing pH content of the skin. It hydrates, nourishes and makes the skin healthy. It cleanses and purifies the skin on a daily basis by removing all the impurities on it.
I love to take it out from fridge and put many drops to cotton and dab it on the face lightly. It will also cleanse the skin hydrate the skin from sweat and excess oil.

Cotton damp it and leave it on cheeks and forehead 3 mins is my way of hydration and sooth redness.


EyeCare: When we turns 40, the are around our eyes is extremely dry and last time we scare say use cream will cause eye seeds... but dont be afraid now as we have good eyecare.

HA Eye serum: Is a must for day and night. If u starts to have dry skin around eyes. First 3 days , u apply a drop under the eye massage in 3 times a day. Follow by dragonblood eye gel u will see amazing result

Type half way tired decided to do a video for facebook live on eyecare

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