Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Health Talk and Omhealth

In 1998 I started my first health talk at YMCA Singapore. I still remember going to Holland V to distribute brochure. At that time no people knows about omhealth and is really a tough start. There are no media, no FB or Instagram. Is all about cold calls or self introduction.

I manage to have a workshop of 20 pax at YMCA. The very first workshop given me the confident to go into this health and beauty line. And now 20 over years of seminar.  Even with FB and Instagram. The difficulty to ask people to attend a health talk is not easy.

Actually my mom saw my hardwork and told me last month that I am already soon in late 40s , should stop worrying about and planning on workshops  and have some change in directions.

No one knows the toughness of planning a workshop. I can of course be so commercial and reuse a training material for 10 years but I don't. Every workshop the material I prepare and share are thru proper research and verifications.

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What I learn all these 20 years, to be suceesful u need to be determined and also work on a principle of 诚信。 With this two in mind, u can succeed.


The biggest problem omhealth face now is people don't attend much or like to attend workshop like last time. Everyone is overwhelm with work and busy. And sometimes a workshop a topic only once a year yet people don't have time to attend.

All these years it pains me to see why the health products in market are flourishing but why everyone is still so fatigue and sleep badly.

Why everyone worry about health yet no one bother to take action?
Why is internet overwhelm with health news and recipes but non seems to work from cough to weird remedies.

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In the past , many keen to learn and attending workshops in Community center etc were very IN.

 But now a simple workshop, we  need to monitor how many register and also everyone seems to cancel class easily.

OMhealth Effort
The effort to prepare a topic , an acupressure is not easy. Every workshop intention is to benefit all of u.

Upcoming Spleen talk , are materials I have prepared for many years and also TCM doctor Xu experiences  to share many useful information.

Yet a 40 pax class is difficult to filled up.

Back in 2000 workshop and classes are very popular, there are many good health therapist and I have a few friends who are famous herbalist and nutritionist used to go HDB and Company to deliver useful workshop. But now they don't, because they are challenged by big companies either Spa or salon which go around to give free talks (but their talks accompany by wanting u to buy package or share very little) or they engage hospital to give free talks and end up the talks I can say is not much useful end up u still need to go see the doctor. I always share with my doctors friends, if u go to company give health talk, share more on tips, and don't talk too much on ur service and also be more caring.

Do u know my few natural therapist friends have mostly given up on health talk.

May be I was lucky to be interviewed by Radio back in 2007  and from there media sort of know me and invite me to TV show in Singapore less than 5 times this 20 years ahahha.

From 1998 to 2007 I really give cold  calls to companies “begging” the HR to allow me to deliver a workshop.


For more than5 years I have not given workshop for companies le. Because the trend now, is if someone want to go to a company to give workshop, u need to pay the company money ahaha. And I insist I dont give free workshop
The change of directions of companies kills the future of many good natural therapist. And what is work life balance.

In Singapore, off hand I cant find much natural therapist. Except few and myself still hanging there.
Probably I am luckier has I have a group of old friends followers since 2001

Spleen Class at HAN TCM is my test on market awareness and interest in health. Such a good workshop that focus on digestive, health, immune system and everyone will experience an acupuncture but the attendees has dropped from 45 to 30 because 15 cant make it last minute and inform us 5 days before.

I want to share with all, if ur health is not very good and keep feeling fatigue. DO make effort to attend this 5th AUgust 2018 class. I may not be conducting this much more.

8000 students in database ahahah yet is difficult to activate someone from this database to attend a good class.

I am writing this today. U can see there are less and less natural therapist like me in Singapore. IF in future there are , do support them. In fact alot of times I can choose not to give workshops but I continue because of the passion to share. But again without PR in this media era.... people don't really care about health until illness strikes.

Need to VOICE OUT.



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