Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Spleen and Good Health

This is a wonderful class and I manage to share as much as I can. Some who have leg pain and joint pain after attending this lesson found great release from pain and some told me their neckache disappear within 2 days:>

Every workshop we use 21 years of experience and research with TCM doctors before we release any informations. Everyone can teach acupressure as the internet flooded with informations but alot of the information are half pass six.

I hope those who attended the Spleen class do practice the breathing and exercises that I have shared ok:>

Spleen is one of the important organs in the body that metabolise our food and thoughts. And in deeper level ways to handle the stress in life , whether we can let go things fast or keep in in our body and once awhile attack our health.

I share with many essential Oil like  Bryan Relax  Blend specifically blended for spleen and release dampness in the body. SOme newbies will look at the oil label why no ingredients stated , well because this oil 20 years ago is used by aromatherapist for blending purpose:>


Start Listen Daily to what you say . If you hear yourself using alot of negative words or sickness words, change them

Some have sleep issues so everyday when see peopel say cant sleep. Slowly ur words and thoughts inline and u have more problems in sleep quality.

So start saying more positive words than negative and use the affirmations like

" I Speak and think Positive"

The Universe always say " yes" in whatever u say whether u believe anot. So Universe always respond to your words and sometimes it comes soon or later.

The moment u willing to change your words and thoughts, is the moment you are bring good things to your life.


Omhealth will launch 2 oil soon Looking at the energy

Two Essential Oil blend will be launched
First one is: Many have love the scent when i let u all try at events:
If outside they will sell $120 for each blend and omhealth stays $55 as creating blend is omhealth interest and passion and benefits everyone using it!
To be an aromatherapist u need to understand the needs and requirements and blend with love and light !
1) Heaven and Earth Blend (Joy, Laughter, Peace)
Calm and make u laugh again and nourish ur inner child. Also those who easily affected by planets movement this is good blend to calm ur emotions.
(lotus, orchid, geranium, lavendula vera, Bezoin, more)
2) True Sleep
A special blend slowly slowly change the quality of your sleep. Blended with crystal essence;

Stay Tune:>

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