Monday, November 18, 2019

Plants and Planets and Love=== Part One

I have not sat down and write a proper blog for a longest time.

My life Story can be found in

This year 2019 I was actually busy with research and taking care of my parents and also planning omhealth new directions.  And to sort out what is my purpose in life too.

Giving workshops is not as easy as last time. I got so much to share but people are not so keen to attend event much. But i still wil
give 2 health talks a year. And this year should be March ba.

In late 40s near to 50 we cant live a life with no purpose. Life purpose can be just a simple thing and u focus on doing it. Some of u may be cooking is ur side interest. U just focus and do it right and keep refining what u are doing. Who knows u can become a chef...

So Aim, purpose ,focus,keep doing (perseverance)the most difficult part.

My purpose is to continue focus on finding sharing remedies to help more people. Sometimes i find my work is challenge by those fake news from internet and people dont respect a professional advise. 

It takes 20 years to be a aromatherapist or International health guru. So i think this title deserve some respect.

Do you know omhealth work very hard with no help from any mentor . And I am so grateful for all chances giving to me from "Up there".

And today i feel nothing is coincidental. I think must be the good i have done and even my life according to a Bazi Master when young is a difficult one. But to me working hard and doing good , up there will send angels to you all the time.

Guess what the angels are u all. And U all have support me for the greatest longest time. In time of skincare products and oil products flooded in market. U can easily buy a bottle from online or shops. Yet u make an effort to go to to buy and paypal and wait for courier.

I send and pray for everyone who have my products find happiness.

omhealth essential oil is all about personal care and healing.

I am the only aromatherapist in Singapore still blend and sell own essential Oil. And i hope u all can love the things i love.

  1. Mother and Kids: Lavendula Vera, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata
  2. Passion for Life:  Equilibrium and Harmony, spearmint
  3. Ambient Harmony:  Grapefruit Pink, Royal Peppermint, Rosemary and Lemon
  4. Baby World: Lemon, Eucalyptus and lavender (dilute, 1 drop to 10ml carrier oil)
  5. Clarity and Confidence: Positive Flow, Mindfulness grounding, 
  6. Less Stress: Rosemary, Peppermint, Royal Geranium, 
  7. Rejuvenate: Victoria Secret, Awakening blend,
  8. Immune Booster: Ten spice oil, Lemon, Tea tree , peppermint royal
  9. Feimale Balance: Love miracle Blend, Clary Sage, Lavendula vera
  10. Maternity Support: Fresh Morning, Chamomile, Jasmine Gold
  11. Bug repel: Tea tree, lemongrass, Eucalyptus
  12. Xmas: (Any oil) Love miracle blend
  13. Head Clam: 5 element oil, Peppermint
  14. Warrior Protecion: Aura Gold 20, Aeonian dragonfly oil, rosemary
  15. Dream World: Bergamot, Lavender, melissa, Quality Sleep blend, Lavender+clary sage
  16. Muscle Tonic: Lavender, peppermint marjoram and Purification blend
  17. Laziness lost of energy: Vitality, Healing trees oil 
  18. Health issues: Frankincense and Myrrh and Egypt Geranium dilution with jojoba oil daily apply body

Seasonal Special Oil: Rose Otto, Jasmine Gold, Sandalwood

(this are the highest grade, a drop last a long time. My Jasmine Gold is $250 for 6ml but last me 5 years still using)

to be continued:  Taking care of family who have health issues.....

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