Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Launch of HealNow

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HealNow Blend  
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A blend of
Amyris Wood
Palo Santo Wood
Lavendula Vera
Neroli Grade AAA

88 bottles blended for DEcember 2019.

This oil blend is created by me on Dec 2019 as a mark of transition in life from one stage to another. The reason I created this is because as we get older we tends to have more things to handle. And this can be health from family, issues from family and if we dont self heal ourself with love and light. We will be carrying alot burdens and one day we may snap.

HealNow blend remind us to step back and yes to say HEALNOW and allow our courange, Creativity and inspiration to grow.

We cant anymore day by day as it is. We must break thru and whatever challenges come , use HEALNOW and it will inspire and center u and calm u. Slowly Universe will send in all resources to advice and help us.


As a therapeutic massage oil that I create using a carrier oil and HealNow blend. 

U can a pump of my carrier oil and 2 drops HealNow and massage body before sleep.This  will relax muscles and soften your skin, and it is also brushed on to your skin to stimulate lymph flow.  

You will feel wonderful with lymph stimulation with this blend

Healing Benefits: 

• Calms the body mind emotion 
• Boost Centering and to be inspired,
• Relaxes muscles and tendons
• Reduce and Release Stress, tension and anxiety.
• Rejuvenate body skin with clear and clean

 2 drops into your hand (but if u sensitive to direct oil, u have a pump of carrier oil). Rub both palm warm and  then cup them over your face and inhale the aroma. Its a great way to continue to enjoy improved mental clarity, calming effects and the relaxed state of peace that follows this massage.

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