Monday, September 30, 2013

Green Class COmpleted

Photo: Great happily completed green class!

Yesterday was a fruitful sharing with many on
A) foodcure -- detox and fruits to eat, right herbs to drink.
B) heel spur recovery-- have 3 students recover from heel pain and one surprise in the class when I teach her some points her spur immediately not pain within 3 mins. Have one she uses her own method and supposely need to go for operations recovered. SO she shared with everyone

Heel Pain/Spur: Can be cured and if doctor ask u go operations, u give urself 20 days and try my method (this is what I will tell my friends)
C) SLeep: Quality of sleep discussed

Next Green class will be mid next year le:> AS will be busy from now:>

For newbies u must attend the chinese workshop [ Health and Beauty with Bryan ] 24th NOv 2013.

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