Thursday, October 17, 2013

Workshop and My hardwork


Given workshop for more than 15 years. Work recognised by organisations and many doctors , TCM and professors. But I never stop here and continue to spread my research with HOME, Volunteer work and impart my skills of acupressure and aromatherapy to many in Singapore.

Giving workshops , I don't like to impress people how good I am ahahhaha... Just I don't care anymore... if u are good, u don't need tell people too much... people can feel it.

When I was younger time, I used to list there what achievements... now hor.... I don't le. Every workshop is time to share... go straight to the point:> Hope u all like my style

Plan: Omhealth has complete a lot of charity to date... I hope I can go Cambodia....

I hope my planning to Cambodia next year to teach will happen ...

I have not given office workshop for ages , over these year rejected 9 workshop for companies because too busy with work. And sometimes to train new people is not easy. But I believe with sincerity and passion, and love... people can feel it:>

I am glad today I have trained 120 people on aromatherapy and hope they can research and use it to do more good. But start with loving urself.

New comers;

My website is
Aroma Oil: freshest in Singapore since 1997.
Thousands have used it. So don't ask me pure or not. U should ask me fresh or not.
Aroma oil of Omhealth has been used my doctors, TCM and media , but that is not the point... Is about public responsibilities:>  U think if this brand aroma oil can survive so many years... there is something in it that let people come back.... IS LOVE and Passion and Responsibilities.

New comers I am a direct person. So when I reply too fast,dont take it too seriously:>

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