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Very Independent Views

I am glad that I am not tied to companies and I can talk about things I tried and is good.
Is very blessings to be able to share.

I am not the spokesman for the following items. So is a very independent views.

Do try the aloe detox avalon is good de. Anyway u are pregnant or any health issues, do consult doctor. I am sharing here base on personal de:> Disclaimer here.

Some friends say: Bryan u have Goji C all these why u share with people other brand. If in future, u want to produce this products how?

Halo, life is short, not everything is money. The main aim of this blog 10 years ago is to speak up and share things that are good. I dont care de. To me, i find health is so important. U all can call me Lao Shi, that means i must ensure I hold this title with care and compassion.

Omhealth has now finish contract with GojiC and AlmondCal as I only want to intro things i like more. Is my path.

Today i am going to share with Detox.

Long ago there was a brand call Avalon Aloe vera detox. It was 10 years ago. I saw the high advertising about it and how good people say this product is. But I didnt take because to me i dont need it ahahha. 10 years later, as I aged, i find that simple detox is needed and the product must be super natural, tested and approved.

So i started off to take ezyfeel powder once a week (one tube i divide into 3 portion ahaha kiashu and safety ma). It is good.

Lately I was told in Singapore there is a detox food (i dont call it supplement) that is the best seller in Singapore for 10 years it detoxification. And I decided to try on because I was asked to introduce on a TV show (not paid de).

But my principle is before i intro on TV i must try 3 months.

And dear friends , i must say this is a best detox programme I ever gone thru. Because my body is ok. I only take one pill half hour before sleep. For people with stomach bloated and serious constipation u can take 2 before sleep for 3 days.

I tell u , the SHIT is like layers of dirty things comes out and u dont feel the cramped. And u shit until like all worries gone and feel good.

I suggest that day noon time u take Vitagen.

I start to perform a deep research on Avalon , why this brand is so successful and can be in Singapore for 10 years and even many detox pill in market it still make it.

Dear all, with the stress and food we eat. once a week detox is needed. Although instruction in the booklet u can take 2-4 a day. But to me one pill before sleep twice a week is super good le.

For first time take I suggest, day one u take one before sleep. Than try day 2, take 2. To me 2 is alot. One is good. And than for following 3 days u take one before sleep.


A) It really has slimming effect. After you take that night, u put a drop of bryan relax blend on ur stomach.
B) U feel good. ( and no need waste money on the Juicing programme which cost $280 for few days)
C) No need go slimming salon. And if u combine masssage with sunflower slimming oil. Gosh u can see ur body tone up.

++++++++++++FULL INDEPENDENT VIEWS__________________

Aloe use in this product is from America and highest medicine value aloe vera using -38degree freezing to extract.

I personally research it

  • Clears away accumulated waste
  • Promotes bowel regularity
  • Relieves the discomfort associated with bloated feeling
  • Improves facial complexion
  • Helps breakdown fat deposit

Aloe if is good quality (i find that there are many brands in market but only this brand has the kind of rights and dont know what certification) Aiyo me kia shu.

  • Detoxifying. ...
  • Supports the immune system. ...
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. ...
  • Excellent for digestion. ...
  • An easy way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake. ...
  • Hair growth. ...
  • Good for burns, acne and hydrating skin.

I let my dad tried who has abit of old age constipation. And he loves it and not dependent.

My conclusion is , u can choose ur own brand to detox. Is ok. But do ensure is natural and proper research and also please do once a week can le. No need daily. But dont tell the seller, if not i kana la.

Things I under research:

Ling ZHI
Pearl Powder
more coming up independent views

My Personal Heng heng Detox date

Ahahha to me I am a kia shu to have good luck. Certain dates do detox before sleep, brings good luck ahahaha. A 5 element teachers taught me.
So I suggest u take one avalon before sleep this dates if u free. Or ur own detox things.

Few years back a master always see the date to do detox. I dont know ur mom last time got say, certain day of the year if take tonic that day, whole year no need take tonic.

Precious Answers:
16, 18 ,23rd ,28th , 30th June:

Health Luck: This day acording to the star gravity I suggest perform a avalon one pill before sleep or ur own detox, (but aloe is good luck to me and drive xiao ren away)
Paste a detox patch
A drop bryan relax blend.

Old saying Ang Mo
Aloe vera attract good energy and luck. . It is known for attracting prosperity and positive energy . It clear negative energies. No wonder is used in detox ahaha
Aloe Vera has a long history of use with no negative side effects. Although it has been documented to improve a wide variety of ailments. Aloe  stimulate cell regeneration, and that the enzymes effect chemical changes which intensify healing. Either way, we know that it is doing something right! The proof is in the benefits!

Omhealth has Double Blue Flower Aloe Gel for Hive, rashed etc: Do consider to get a bottle at $38 fresh now.

Anyway u can order the items from the website above. The patch so far so good. u can try.

What I am Taking beside natural food: And also wan parents to take

I cant take milk so super plant base calcium important.

Multi B i take only when i know that week stress and only take 2 days.

Power Eye i take because i have 600 degree short sighted so i know when age eyes will degenerate so now is a must for me.

U dreamz is Wu Ling Shen has high healing properties. I take when tat evening hi stress and take after dinner.

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